Personal Destination Service Tokyo

Vacation, Business or your absence in Tokyo, we cater to your lifestyle, your personal requirements, and your preferred level of assistance.  If you need any help in Tokyo, please contact us! Tantalizing Tokyo is here to support you.

Personal Concierge & Assistant

Destination Service

Lifestyle Management 

Founder Introduction 

Over 20 years of experience in the most prestigious luxury hospitality and lifestyle industry in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Thailand. Her focus has been on VIP service and event management. She has strong knowledge and passion for Tokyo overall and especially its trends and luxury space. She will listen and take thoughtful consideration of your exact needs using the Japanese principles of OMOTENASHI.

Expertise & Our Service

We bring quality and service to your requests! We will show you how the locals do and add values! All things culture, music, travel, dining, trends, events and experiences!

Here are some of examples:

@Personal Destination Servicing with tailor-maid consultant and itinerary

@Personal Concierge and Assistant service

@Hospitality consultation and training

@Professional Musicians bookings and arrangements

We try our best to provide anything and everything our customers need to achieve the lifestyle they desire! 

Culture and Unique Experience

We have access to private, guided exclusive tours. Either to enjoy the arts, impress a date or woo a customer we can make the experience so special you will think of yourself as royalty for the duration of your experience. Please check some examples of the many experiences we can offer.


From restaurants to your own culinary training experience in Japanese cuisine. and everything in between, we are fortunate to have partnerships with top foodies & industry insiders. Tokyo's culinary diversity ranges from hole-in-the wall Ramen shops to the finest Michelin level restaurants in the world. There are countless other options in Tokyo and we will be delighted to help you with, advise or book your personalized experience.Please check our recommendations! 


Personal Concierge & Assistant

Integrating your work and personal life!  We are small enough to offer personal assistance but sophisticated enough to give you luxury. Our dedicated team, with 20 plus years of experience in this industry, will provide bespoke services to make your life easier! Please let us know how we can assist you! 


Nothing is better than 2 or more hours of pure pleasure that live music brings to you. We can custom make an experience centered around a band, artist or music festival. from an event that will make you simply give yourself to the music. to a concert that will leave you singing its praises. We'vegot it all covered! Please check our trusted partner and professional musicians! 

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